Another Christmas gift completed!

Now here is another Christmas gift that is all wrapped and under the tree - and it uses one of my favourite mediums - buttons!!!

Any excuse to get out my button jars and have a jolly good rummage is not to be missed. So I layered the buttons and threaded them together rather than wiring them around a central chain, and I think the effect is rather fetching:

The necklace hangs nicely, though like all buttoned necklaces it does require a little arrangement at first to make sure the buttons all face the same way.

I always give my necklaces a 'test run' by wearing them for a day to check the hang and that they are sturdy and not in any way uncomfortable. I must say I loved wearing this one - and it drew a few comments during the short time I wore it. I think that I shall make myself one once I have replenished by button stock!

Now I am on a roll with this Christmas pressie making... so what is the next one on the list??

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