All fired up for beading...

Flushed with my success with Midnight dreams in the Fire Mountain Gems contest (and those of you who know me will know that I was incredibly flushed), I have decided to enter another beading contest.
This one is called Use the Muse and sounds brilliant. You purchase a bundle of beads (including the Muse focal bead) and away you go, creating a wearble piece. You can do exactly as you like, using as much or a little of the bundle as you want - though you MUST use the Muse! The results for the previous 2 contests where amazing, and I love seeing th different work produced from the same set of beads. So I have sent my $30 for the beads, and I await the parcel with baited breath!

As the main rule of Use the Muse is that you don't reveal the Muse until the results are published, so I would not be able to share any pics until it is done, but I think I can manage. Winners are announced mid November so it is not too long to keep schtum!!!

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