How to spray baste and layer a quilt when you don't have much room!

This is a tricky problem that many of us face! How do we finish our large quilt, ready for the quilting stage when we don't have a big area of floor or workspace to make good use of? Well over the years I have developed my cheaty method - of layering on an ironing board! I have used this method for all sorts of quilt sizes - including king size (though that does take a little more arm wrestling!).

I hope you will find this YouTube video useful and give this method a try!

FYI I use ODIF 505 spray for my basting.

Let me know if you give this method a try :) xx

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  1. Thanks Sarah you make it look so easy!!! I have a few quilts waiting t be layered but they are so big and being a little long in the tooth cannot do them on the floor. Mind you when layered it is a struggle to quilt them too


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