All about Quilting - on a USB!

So 2017 has been a busy year, with my trip to Nepal in April and a hugely successful stand at the 2017 Festival of Quilts. I have had 2 cover booklets with Quilt Now magazine, and now I am preparing to launch my own Quilting USB! I could not be more excited!

So what is this I hear you cry?

Well I have been working with THREADS inkjet printable fabrics for nearly a year now, and what fun we have been having. This amazing product allows you to print onto top quality fabrics from your home machine. It is simply amazing stuff, and it is available in 7different fabrics (4 silk options and 3 cotton options). For me, it has really been about the Cotton Poplin, and I was just desperate to make a quilt with it. So when THREADS approached me about making a USB introducing people to the joys of designing your own fabrics at home, I couldn't resist it!

And so here we are, after a couple of months of hard graft, waiting for the launch of the THREADS inkjet printable fabrics - Designer Series USB - Introduction to Quilting with Sarah Payne. I know it sounds a bit of a mouthful, but it is the first in the Designer Series, and I am the designer :) 

So this USB will be launching on Create an Craft this Saturday (16th September) at 2pm (times subject to change etc!) with a 1 hour show so I can show you what we have to offer you!

There will be many printable elements and how-to-videos including:

100 printable background designs (to create bespoke fabric with different colourways), hand-chosen and curated by me.
8 printable templates

  • 4 sizes of square and 4 sizes of right angle triangle shapes in which to create a multitude of quilt blocks

Step-by-step instructions of how to make quilting projects (lap quilts, table runners, cushions).
Printouts of sewing instructions for all 20 blocks as PDFs
20 different alternative quilt layouts for your blocks
A4 paper size and US letter size templates
Video tutorials (over 2 hours with me in your sewing room!):

  • How to print onto THREADS inkjet printable fabrics
  • Washing demo
  • How to put together blocks
  • ‘Quilt as you go’ technique
  • Layering and quilting – with different examples of quilting
  • Binding
  • Finishing a block as a cushion
  • How to make a table runner

So there is lots to watch, print out and to learn! This has been a real label of love, and I am hugely excited and cant wait to share it all with you. 
Here are some sneaky pics!

Vintage style rose cushion
Birds of Paradise quilt - using the flamingo, toucan and hummingbird fabrics
A selection of projects from the USB
All of these items have been created using just 2 shapes - squares and triangles in 4 different sizes. You can download them from the USB as templates, or use a rotary cutter and ruler to cut them. The fabrics are all printed from the 100 designs on the USB, and you can add personal photographs to your projects too (like I have with the Zoo cushion in the last image). So please tune in on Saturday and take a look!

You can find us on:
  • Sky 674
  • Freeview 23
  • Virgin 748
  • Freesat 813
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire


  1. Sounds very interesting, timing noted!! Best wishes for great success xx

  2. I was wondering about the usb there were little giggles when it was "accidentally" mentioned on C & C the other day. Such a good idea as I have found with windows 10 I can no longer use my discs but have to play them on the DVD instead which is annoying. Maybe you will produce usbs of your own too I look forward to that,


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