Week 1 of #1YearOfStitches Completed

This year I decided that I wanted to make a new years resolution to do some 'personal' creating. So with this in mind I have decided to take part in #1yearinstitches.  This is a challenge that involves stitching something every day in 2017, posting it daily on Instagram (with the tag #1yearofstitches), and then posting about it once a week on your blog. I heard about it here on Instagram and here on Facebook!

So I've decided to post on Sundays. I have also added a couple of additional rules. 1 - no unpicking! I can go back later and stitch over the top but I can't undo it. 2 - no planning. I'm not sketching any guidelines, just stitching away and seeing where it takes me. 3 - I am trekking in the Himalayas in April for charity and as I have to carry everything, taking a hoop isn't possible.  So to keep up with the challenge I am going to take small scraps of fabric to stitch on, and then applique them into the hoop when I get back. 4 - materials.  I will use anything that comes to hand, fabric, lace, ribbon, buttons etc, anything as long as it is hand stitched in place. 

I started off with some floral designs, just to get some stitches down. The hardest thing to do is often to get started!
Day 2 - some florals
Some lazy daisy flowers, my favourite #colonialknot (a variation on a french knot), #blanket stitch and some seed stitches.

I feel the need for polka dots! Why not?
Satin stitched polka dots

It has been a busy week with sample requirements building through the week, but I managed to get a bit done every day. The most personal element was stitched on January 7th. I spent all day making bags on my sewing machine so it was nice to finish the day with a bit of slow stitching! That was the day that they laid my childhood heroine Carrie Fisher to rest, and it made me sad. So I added a sprig of rosemary created in #bullionstitch. Rosemary represents remembrance and so it felt right to add it to my #1yearinstitches.
Rosemary for Remembrance
 I am really looking forward to seeing how this develops through the year!
End of week 1


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  2. this is a challenge and will be good to see how your piece develops. It is good to have some embroidery on the ggo as well as quilting, my passion is hardanger hen I want to do a hand project

    1. ooo I love hardanger. I havent done it for a while as I work mainly with sewing machines, but I love to go slow :)


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