Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Quilt Now for 2017

Well as usual, there is plenty in the pipeline for 2017. One of those things is a new relationship with the lovely folks at Quilt Now magazine. I am thrilled that I will be having my very own supplement in issue 32 (out January 19th). This will be a foundation piecing supplement, and here are a couple of snaps of the projects I have created for it. There will be 4 in all and I am too excited.

I have also been working with Stix2 to develop an English Paper Piecing glue - and so we have one of my EPP projects in the same issue. I am just spoilt!
I also have a project in issue 33 - with the gorgeous Indian Summer fabric from those marvellous folks at Craft Cotton Company. Here's a sneaky peek of this one too! I can't wait to see what else 2017 has to offer!

Monday, 19 December 2016

Quilting journey part 1

It seems like ages ago but it was only just over a month ago that I came back from a mega trip with quilting and family at it's very heart, and I am sure that you will see quite a few posts about it over the next few weeks.
The journey started back at the beginning of October at Birmingham Airport with a flight to Montreal, Canada. My first stop is to spend a few days with family in Cornwall, Ontario with my Dad and then head for a week of sunshine with some of Dad's friends in Cuba.  I had a fabulous relaxing time getting a tan. Cuba is a poor country and so doesn't have a huge history of quilting, but I shared some English Paper Piecing techniques around the pool.
Dad and I enjoyed the weather as we relaxed, went snorkeling and even swam with dolphins.
After a week of sunshine,  we headed back to Canada to prepare for teaching. 

I had a great time introducing the Canadians to English Paper Piecing! These lovely ladies invited me into their homes and kept me topped up with coffee and biscuits as they got to grips with EPP.


I also taught another 2 classes at the Giroux Sewing Centre in Cornwall ON. I had a fantastic day and everyone made me most welcome.
We played with 45 degree diamonds and squares, and they loved it (at least they said they did!)

I was also lucky enough to spend some quality time with dad, his brother Nick and my gorgeous cousins and their kids. It was my birthday at the beginning of the trip, and we had a little family get together. The girls made me cards and drew me some lovely cards.
Uncle Nick made me the most incredible birthday cake I have ever seen! Slimming World cake this wasn't, and even though it was definitely calorie laden I did my duty and had a jolly good piece! It would be rude not too!


I made up for it with a bit of running!