Wednesday, 24 August 2016

So what is Bobbinfill anyway?

So every time I mention using Bobbinfil on one of my shows I am inundated with questions about it. So I have decided to answer them here.

What is Bobbinfil? 
It is a remarkably fine and strong polyester designed as an underthread (meaning it goes in the bobbin). Some brands are also called Underthread or Bottomline.

Why do you use it?
Bobbinfil is designed to balance top threads being sewn. It is finer than a standard thread so you can get more of it on a bobbin, meaning that you have to refill your bobbin less often. This is a godsend when you are working on large projects. The downside is that it often only comes in white or black,  though some brands have expanded their colour ranges. 

There are a number of different thread weights - some specifically designed for Embroidery Machines. I use 90wt for my Brother Innovis 90E embroidery machine and 60wt for all my sewing machines. You can experiment

Where do you buy it?  
There are 3 main brands of Bobbinfil that I have bought in the past, and there are probably more that I haven't tried. All 3 have worked beautifully for me. They are Brother, Sulky and Madeira brands but there are others available. I buy them when I see them in my local sewing shops (as a former shop owner I fully appreciate the importance of local shops and the need to support them. If you don't use them you will lose them!). I have bought them on prewound bobbins or on the reel which is my personal preference.  You can also buy on line. Like most things, a quick Google will bring up a full list of suppliers but being lazy I often resort simply to Amazon.