Quilters Tape - what do I need it for?

There are lots of products on the market set out to trap us unwary quilters into parting with our hard earned cash, only to sit in our sewing box for ever! After a while we get a little savy and begin to ask the question - What do I need it for? Quilters tape is one of those items! So you may ask, why do I need 1/4 wide masking tape? As a question I am often asked - I thought I would just tell you one reason why I use it!

I find it perfect for marking out quilting lines when I don't have a marker handy, or I am afraid to mark the fabric. Here I have used it to make a 1/2 inch 'echo' line around the inside of the block (where you echo an existing line - in this case, the seam). I have also marked a diagonal line from one side of the square to the other. While I am confident to 'eyeball' 1/2 inch from a seam, a large diagonal space can be tricky - so I take no chances.

This is low tack tape so it wont distort your fabric when you remove it. You can even sew over it a little bit and it still safely puts away (though don't get too carried away :) )

This is what it looks like once the tape is removed. So easy and so effective!

So next time someone asks you what you can do with quilters tape - you have at least 1 answer :)


  1. interesting, stockpiling these little nuggets for when I pluck up the courage to attack quilting xx

  2. will bare this is mind, I usually mark my quilting lines with a ruler and hera marker which seems to work quite well


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