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Where does the time go? It;'s already mid February and some of my bulbs are making a valiant effort to reach the light and when I left the shop on Saturday at 5.50pm it was still light. So spring must definitely be on the way!

As usual, it's been busy here at Payne towers, with filming for Create & Craft in the US, as well as continuing to demonstrate here in the UK. Yesterday we had a little change of scene with a visit to the Craft Hobby & Stitch show at the NEC. This is a trade show and so we get to study up on new trends and products, and we have some lovely stuff coming to the shop as a result! (no spoilers!!!). But there was one stand that we were particularly keen to visit - the Groves & Banks stand. These guys are just about the largest distributor of notions in the country and it's where we source all our pins, needles, scissors and generally quilting ephemera. Well, we were delighted to be approached at the end of last year to visit them at their head office for a chat. Well, Julie and I have never been known to turn down the chance for a chat about quilting - especially if there is tea and biscuits involved! So we dutifully headed off without much of an idea why we were going! So imagine our delight when they said that they wanted to work with us on a range of quilting kits! They had seen the kits that we produced on our one off Bee Crafty show on Create & Craft, and they would like to make and distribute them to shops around the UK. Hang on a cotton pickin minute.... you want to do what????

Well to cut a long story short - the new kits were launched at the NEC this weekend. 2 beginners quilt kits and 2 cushion designs (both available in pink and blue). Oh my, excited is not the word!!!! I couldn't resist taking a picture!

I'm afraid the light isnt brilliant, but you get the idea :)

So these are part of the Sew Easy quilting range and are printed with Bee Crafty Designs - Designed by Sarah Payne on the packaging. Just too exciting! There are plans for more, with Julie & I coming up with more designs to add to the range. But this is our first born, and so feels extra special!

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