Monday, 28 April 2014

I am officially downloadable!

Since sharing many of my designs on create and craft I have started getting quite a few requests for the patterns.  So never one to disappoint if I can help it, I've started putting pen to paper.  And now the first one is available at our online shop!

Bee Crafty Etsy shop!
How very exciting.  And even more exciting when 2 patterns sold within 24 hours. I am just thrilled!

There are plenty more to come, I just need to find a couple more days in the week to get all the writing up done. People just don't realise how much time these things take - and time is something I am always short of! 

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Free motion fun!

I love my job! It gives me a chance to share my passion with anyone who will listen!
My latest outlet has been with Create and Craft but not showing Simplicity products as usual. This time I have been able to share my love of free motion quilting. I have been working with the Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine company with 2 of their great range of sewing machines and so far we have put together 3 shows on free motion quilting. It seems to have caused a stir and when I offered a free fact sheet after the first show I was swamped with over 200 email and Facebook requests for a copy. That lot took some answering! But it was amazing how many people out there want to have a go! Every time I book at workshop at Bee Crafty it fills up! The class in July is almost full already!
Here is some detail of one of my favourite pieces called "Play time". This was my 'relaxing' piece of work because I muck about on it when I just wanted to mess about! There was no plan, just fill it with as many feathers in bright colours as I could squeeze in. Now it is finished I feel a little bereft! I will have to find another piece to play with.
Doing these shows also makes you focus on production, because you need to have plenty of examples to show people. So I have started a little book of samples that can be flicked through on air (and will also be helpfully handed in as part of my level 2 City & Guilds!). Here are some more pics of the samples. These are loosely threaded together as a book using a button hole so that they can easily be taken apart and handed around the class.

I am particularly fond of the circle at the moment and seem to be using it everywhere! It's funny how you get a favourite!
This one is fun - where you stitch around the motif to make the centre shape stand out. It is really effective when sewn in a neutral colour because it is 'barely there' and you don't get to see it straight away. It can be quite subtle!
If you fancy a go, get yourself a free motion/embroidery/darning foot, drop your feed dogs and let your quilting diva loose!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Create & Craft Keeping me busy!

Create and Craft tv channel has really opened doors for me. It has forced my quilt production into overdrive to keep up with all the new shows and the new acrylics that I am sent - often at the very last minute. It can be a little stressful when you get 7 new rulers for the 4 day deal only 5 days before it starts! But I have never been one for needing a great deal of sleep, so I managed to get myself organised and come up with 3 new tops and 2 new blocks. It's amazing how possibly embarrassing yourself on national TV can polarize you to get some work done!

It is wonderful to get feedback from people who are enjoying watching a bit of sewing on the telly, and I am constantly surprised by the lovely emails and face to face comments I receive. It makes you go all warm ;-)

I thought that I would share a pic of one of the new items that I have been working on this week. I have a couple of new bits coming up soon, including this little cutie using the twinkle star ruler.
This was great fun to make, and the free motion quilting around the hearts looks really effective. Can't wait to see what it looks like on screen! It should be making it's first appearance this Sunday and Monday so I wont have long to wait!