I am officially downloadable!

Since sharing many of my designs on create and craft I have started getting quite a few requests for the patterns.  So never one to disappoint if I can help it, I've started putting pen to paper.  And now the first one is available at our online shop!

Bee Crafty Etsy shop!
How very exciting.  And even more exciting when 2 patterns sold within 24 hours. I am just thrilled!

There are plenty more to come, I just need to find a couple more days in the week to get all the writing up done. People just don't realise how much time these things take - and time is something I am always short of! 


  1. You have worked so hard Sarah, you have earned every bit of success that you get.Make sure you look after yourself in the midst of all these wonderful things happening.

  2. All the best with this latest venture Sarah, a great design, too far advanced for me yet but hopefully with practise I will improve.


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