Monday, 24 November 2014

Yay! I have a thread stand!!!

Not so long ago I posted about my new tidy sewing room with newly organised fabric shelves and sorted threads. Well it is still tidy, but the promised thread stand proved to be a bit more complex.
I purchased a lovely new stand from the knitting and stitching show this year and eagerly awaited delivery.  It was to hold 120 threads which (I am embarrassed to say) isn't all of them, but it is a start. Anyway, when it arrived I excitedly took it home and Paul carefully installed it beside the fabric unit. It looked lovely so I prepared to fill it only to discover that it didn't fit a single spool of thread in my collection.  Disaster! Who makes a thread stand with spokes measuring 12mm? So afternoon a quick telephone call, they sent me another stand will 100 spokes which only measured 8mm. Result.
So that one arrives, and nothing fits. Arggggh. Paul could see that I was a little perturbed and so offered to help. And on Sunday he took the afternoon and made me a stand.
Well, repurposed the old one! Step one - cut all the spokes off.
All gone!
I didn't photograph the process of cutting and sanding 120 6cm long pieces of doweling! 
Then he drilled 120 iddy biddy holes, and then carefully glued all those little spokes into the holes.
Doesn't it look good!
And so here it is - all finished and full of thread, and doesn't it look great. Paul really is a lovely chap! I didn't want to tell him that this is less than half of my thread stash - so he may have to do it twice more!


  1. great job he has done there and so much easier having your threads on show well some of them anyway than tucked into a drawer getting tangled up like mine.

  2. You have such an interesting blog. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading your posts. All the best for your future blogging journey.

  3. Isn't it wonderful when your man is handy too. I often find my interests and my husbands cross over and we can help each other out. fab spool stand!


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