Keeping busy on October!

Well October has proved to be a very busy month - no change there :). In my family, October is the month for birthdays! Mine comes first on 9th October (a date shared with John Lennon - a fact I was thrilled to find out when I first discovered the Beatles in my early teens, though sadly long after he had already passed!). Then we have my brother's wife Julie's birthday on the 15th, my brother Simon is on the 24th, and my youngest brother Tim is on the 26th. So we have a long family tradition of drawing a birthday out over the whole month - which is great because it means that I have over a week of celebrating to go!
The festivities started for me on the 9th October with a night out in our local pub with some lovely girls from my WI - who helped me commiserate my old age of 42 over a glass of vino! Just the ticket so thanks Jane & Julia! Then the next day Julie & I headed to Ally Pally for the Knitting & Stitching show for 2 days of workshops, shopping and general gorgeousness! And guess who spent ALL of her birthday money - plus a few pence more!
My main objective of the show was to sort out some storage for my overflowing sewing room. Recent influxes of sewing machines from Create & Craft had led to a very really danger of shelving collapse and so something had to be done. Sewing machines (even borrowed ones) need somewhere safe to live. So the very rickety shelving had to go and has been replaced with good old billy bookshelves from IKEA. Next followed literally weeks of ironing and refolding my fabric stash so it all fits on my new shelves! It looks marvellous, but I didn't realise quite how much I had - eek! So next I needed to deal with my threads - currently residing in 6 boxes so I can never find the colour I wanted. And the show came to the rescue! I was interested in playing with some light weitgh sewing machine threads and so made my way to the Wonderfil stand and invested in some Invisifil (which I cant wait to get to grips with!). As I was talking to the lady, I mentioned my storage issue and she showed me one of the wall mounted stands that they sell. Blooming fantastic! It was just what the doctor ordered. And delight of delights - it was delivered yesterday! So after the purchase of some raw plugs - here it is! And doesn't it look fab next to all those lovely fabrics! Hopefully I can keep it all this neat!


  1. Belated birthday wishes oh to be 42 again but also that will not happen! How tidy are those shelves, a warning though I have 2 of the bookcases and tried moving them they did not like it and one is only staying up as it is being supported by a wall!! Can`t seem to spot the stand for the threads in the photo??

  2. Ok that looks great now where is the rest of the stash? I know you have more LOL


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