It's always Pimms O'clock!

Well I have been a little lax on posting (again) but things have been a bit of a whirlwind! The shop has been keeping me busy, and I have now been on create & craft for over a year now and that fills any 'spare' moments I may have. I am now working for Simplicity, Tilda, Singer Sewing Machines and now Brother too. There is of course a little time left for sleep :)
But the last couple of weeks have been spent preparing for our engagement party which we held in our garden on Bank Holiday Sunday.
Here are some pics of the party, which kicked off about 2.30pm with a vintage tea party (with Pimms in those tea cups!) in the summer house and was followed by a bbq into the early hours!
Paul took most of these pictures, which is why they are stunning... and why he isn't in any of them!
My best friend Sarah Trude (Erms) created the stunning floral displays as a surprise gift!
 We have been working hard to get the summer house, patio and new beds looking fit for visitors, and we just about made it! And the rain held off too.
 Capt Jack is patiently wondering where his glass of Pimms has gone!
Even the swing was suitable decorated!

 And the guests began to arrive!

My friend Nicola made us this stunning engagement cake! There is a better pic further down. This dress was my first attempt at making a dress - and it was moderately successful. The fit could have been better but it was so flowery that I don't think anyone noticed!

 The stunning cake by Nicola from Cambridgeshire Sugarcraft in Yaxley. Friends Lucy & Carol also contributed home made cakes which went down a treat! I really do have talented friends!
 Not a bad spread - largely due to the help on Sunday morning supplied by Sarah Trude & Julie Fernandez as they helped me check that the Pimms was ready!
 And a sneaky shot of Sarah sorting out the sarnies!
 A BBQ shot - the fire pit was a crowd pleaser after the bbq had gone out!
 My girls! 3 Sarah's and an Amanda!

And finally, one shot of the engaged couple together (all be it slightly fuzzy!)
We were so busy keeping everyone fed and watered that we hardly saw each other. But it was a lovely day - and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Now I am forever asked the question "so when is the wedding?", to which I reply "it took us 10 years to get engaged... we don't like to rush onto things!"



  1. what a lovely day you had celebrating with all your friends, the cake looks delicious. Enjoy following you on create and craft, wow you are busy oh yes the dress looks lovely and your quilt in popular patchwork gets top votes from me, best part of the magazine, seem to have rambled on so will go now

    1. Thank you for commenting. We really did have a lovely day and the month was really topped of by having my pattern published 😊

  2. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your special day. Wishing much love and happiness through the years to come. Today is my Anniversary 42 years married today.
    Lynne T

    1. Hi Lynne, thanks for your comments and Happy Anniversary x

  3. Congratulations Sarah. It sounds as though you had a perfect day.

    1. Thanks Gina. It was pretty special and we got to share it with some lovely people x

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Louisa, my friend Nicola did a fab job with the cake didn't she. X


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