Out and About

Well it has been a very busy year so far, and the ever patient Paul really deserved a holiday. So last week we took a trip to Colchester for a few days (neither of us had ever been to Essex before). It had nothing to do with the fact that there are 2 fabric shops in the high street (honest!).
It was a nice break, but it rained constantly and I kept finding my thoughts stray to my sewing room at home where I retreat when the weather gets a bit grim. Apparently that is not a correct attitude for a holiday :) At least I took a project with me and got some more of my Hand Embroidered Crazy Patchwork Panel done for a workshop that I will be teaching in September - so it's not all wasted :)
Colchester was nice, and a brief sunny moment was the perfect opportunity to visit the Beth Chatto Gardens which were stunning.
Now Paul wants a bigger pond :) I have suggested he better start digging!
The sun also shone on our visit to Constable Country - Flatford. A guided tour with a National Trust guide showed us all the scenes we are used to seeing in his paintings. This one is the Haywain!
So all in all it was a nice little break - interspersed with a visit to 3 fabric shops, a bead shop and a dolls house shop!
On Saturday I had my first craft stall at our Hampton WI summer fair, where I was selling some of my home made items. I was delighted with the response and some of my owls, elephants and cats have been adopted into new homes. Some of my bags went too so there is now a bit more space in my sewing room!

We got back just as summer arrived and on Sunday Paul, my Dad and a passing Sarah Trude were all put to work on the garden. I dug a new bed which I filled with sand and compost in a vain hope that my bedding plants will survive in solid clay, while Dad & Paul managed to get half of the new patio laid. They certainly worked hard!
It's going to look great when we have our engagement party this summer! Lets just hope for good weather :)
It was back to normal on Monday (my usual day off) with a Create & Craft show about needle felting followed by a workshop and talk at Hilton WI last night. 26 ladies made some lovely brooches and seemed to enjoy themselves despite the heat :)
So it may have only been a week, but I like to think that I pack a lot in :)
Better get back to my sewing....


  1. good to see you had a break and managed to fit some quilting shops in on your trip! Re your pond, was reading on a blog about a lady whose grandson put 4 goldfish in hers a few years ago and now she has hundreds of them, was surprised they survived but they did and are thriving.
    Sorry missed you on C & C must check more often to see when stitchy things are on. I am lucky to have a felting machine, needless to say it rarely gets used so many things to do and as you know not enough hours in the day What a lovely collection of goodies you had for sale, not surprised so many found new homes. sorry have prattled on to much!

    1. Hi Margaret, it appears that we may have even more fish next year as I have spotted a few babies!

  2. Thank you so much for picking my card as one your winners from the teddies challenge, it is such an honour.
    Thank you for all your hard work in making the challenge so successful, it's a shame that the challenge is ending but I can totally understand your reasons and wish you all the best.
    Sue xx obat penghilang tato


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