A few festive baubles and a Christmas kitty before it's over for another year!

I love making Christmas decorations... and this year I have really gone overboard! These have all been made by me this year, and I have had a great time doing it. So now that they are all bundled up for another year I thought I would share a couple of pics before we forget Christmas even happened! 
These little fellows are a development of my larger elephant cushions and sold well at the Kimbolton Christmas fair, in fact so well that I don't have a single one left for my own tree! I had better get sewing ready for next year!!
The next couple are  experiments with polystyrene shapes and some sequins. This Christmas pudding was first shown to me last year by a friend at my local WI, and I have been making them like crazy ever since.
 These heart shapes are just perfect for a more unusual Christmas decoration and I made a few more in different sizes to give as Christmas gifts for girl friends. These little sparklers could decorate a girl's room all year around!

 I love this Union Flag bauble - inspired by a picture sent to me by my Canadian friend Nancy. This one is not going anywhere!
This is Robbie - who featured in the Festive Makes Magazine this Chrimbo! Here he is in fabric...
And again in felt!
 A little fabric and ribbon number from last year!

It wouldn't be Christmas without a festive Maisy in her Santa hat!
And now it is all over for another year!

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