A festive bake... sort of!

I am not known for my baking, so you shouldn't be surprised that I didn't bake this little number.  But I am responsible for the decoration! I signed up for a 5 week class at a local shop in Yaxley called Cambridgeshire Sugar Supplies to decorate a Christmas cake. It was great fun, and I learnt a lot. As a complete newbie to this craft I was delighted that I was able to hire all the tools I needed and I could even buy the cake (which members of my family are eternally grateful for!). It was a definite selling point when I signed up as this was intended to be a one-off and so I didn't want to end up with lots of tools I might never use again.
And so after invest 2 hours every Monday evening for 5 weeks - ta-da!
I have to say that I am delighted with the result, and my Dad is really looking forward to tucking into it all on Boxing Day when the whole family gets together! 

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