I love a good wedding ... ring

One of the great things about working with Create and Craft as a guest presenter is that I am 'forced' to play with products I wouldn't usually have the time or inclination to use. This often pushes me in directions I hadn't contemplated and often towards the more traditional end of the quilting spectrum.  The thing about traditional patterns as far as I am concerned is that the have been 'done' and that traditional meanings boring. I have definitely changed my mind recently, especially since I had to demonstrate a wedding ring template. I just love this traditional pattern and couldn't wait to get to grips with the very useful acrylic that Simplicity produce.
This first one is a table runner that I created to show the Double Wedding ring template using the fantastic Downton Abbey range of fabric from Makower. I loved this and using the right templates meant that it ran up quite quickly. (sorry about the quality of the photos, my design wall or the floor are not really in a great lighting positions!)

All of the shapes are cut from the basic template - with the centre having 4 curves, 4 melons (the little white leaf shapes) and the combination of lozenge shapes that make up the rings. I just love it as a table runner and it shows the fabric off a treat!
This next one is a variation called Pickle Dish and uses little triangles instead of the traditional lozenge shape of the one above. It still uses the rest of the elements used in the above Double Wedding Ring but is a bit more fun. I only did a small sample of this variation as it would be tempting but time consuming to make a full quilt for each acrylic they send me :) it would make a great table mat!

Diamond Jubilee - this is yet another variation on the double wedding ring which uses a diamond shape instead of the leaf shaped melon but still uses the 4 segmented shape.
 I am absolutely dying to use all three variations in a single quilt which I think would look stunning. I just need someone to add a few more days to the week...
What this has shown me is that I shouldn't turn my back on traditional patterns just because I feel that they are old fashioned and have nothing to offer me. Now I have had a go I am looking at the wedding ring in a whole new way! And I might have to take a look at some other traditional patterns with a new modern eye!!!!
 And just as a shameless plug - I will be teaching this at Bee Crafty on Saturday, 15 February 2014!


  1. I love the table runner, the fabrics are gorgeous I swoon over that one every time you bring it on create and craft

  2. I'm Afraid I cant reply to your comment Judy as you are set as no reply - but thank you for taking the time to reply. I have to admit that this is one of my favourites too - and I would love the time to be able to make a big version for my bed! This has proved so popular that I am going to be teaching this as a workshop on Valentines weekend next year! I can't wait!


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