Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Will someone find me a few more days in the week....?

Oh my how I love to be busy! But with deadlines looming left, right and centre, I sometimes feel that a couple more days in the week would suit me a treat! I am sure I am not alone in having more projects on the go than I can possibly fit in!
We have been very busy in the shop since the move - with local and national press coverage of the reopening bring many more enthusiasts to our door, and I am working on more and more workshop ideas now that we have more space. My creative juices certainly seem to be flowing!
As well as that, I am now a regular guest presenter on Create & Craft with all the extra work that entails (with samples simply coming out of my ears). It is great fun - and not too nerve wracking as long as I concentrate only on the people in the room... and try to forget about the people watching. As soon as you think how many people might be staring back at you the tummy starts to go a bit wibbly!
Another bit of excitement on Saturday as my complimentary copy of Fabulous Festive Makes by P&Q arrived with my 2 Christmas projects published in it. Jack was very interested indeed!
It was so exciting to be asked to be involved - but it seems like ages since it was completed and sent off. I made a wall hanging - and we were all asked to create a Christmas decoration too - and my Robbie Robin made the cover! Uber-exciting! Here's a couple of snaps so you get the gist :)

Now I am sitting in a hot sewing room finishing yet another Christmas project to be included in the November issue of Patchwork & Quilting. One cannot possibly feel less Christmassy than I do right now but deadlines are deadlines. I can't share pictures of that one yet for obvious reasons but will when I can. There are further projects in the pipeline that need to be completed soon, and I will be happy to share about them too... soon...
And I am technically on holiday until Thursday, so if some one could give me a few extra days a week I would be eternally grateful!

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