Busy Busy Busy!

It's all go here! After a shaky start to my Christmas preparations involving a severe fall leading to a painful case of whiplash I am up and moving and getting into the swing!

My second pattern was published in the Christmas edition of Popular Patchwork and the kits have been selling well. So far I have sold over 30 of each!

I guess this makes me a cover girl :)
It is hugely rewarding when people like your work so much that they want to buy the kits and make their own. I am delighted that people bring their versions in to show me.
This is Trisha who took my Above the Rooftops kit and made it into a Christmas sack. How brilliant is that!
There are still more kits and patterns in the pipeline as my creative brain never seems to stop!

On the Christmas gift front, I have been busy busy busy.

This quilt is made for my brother Tim after I snuck round to his house while he was at work and his girlfriend donated some if his and her old jeans. Add a pair of mine and some purple fabric and we have a quilt I think he will love.
I kept the pockets to give him somewhere to put the tv remote as he snuggles in front of the TV!!!

I have also made a quilt for his daughter Jade (aged 10) who is the only one in the family without their own quilt.

The only brief was pink and purple so I think she will be a happy little lady!

There's still one more quilt to go, plus a few bits and bobs to get finished before the big day so sleep will have to take a back seat I think!

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  1. Nice to see you back in Blogland Sarah, hope you're feeling a bit better and having a bumper business week!


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