A bit of a play!

Well the Jubilee weekend is well and truly over now, and summer seems to have been and gone, but the sewing room has been a hive of industry.

Whilst enjoying the festivities I had a go at making bags using fabric from my ever growing stash!

Bags has not really been my thing (I am not sure I have ever made one before), but after deciding I wanted to make 'something' that wasn't work related (for an upcoming class or an order), a bag seemed a sensible and achievable idea. With no access to shops over the weekend, I was forced to work through my stash, where I located rather a lot of heavy iron on interface and some infeasibly large poppers, as well as some fabulously forgotten fabric, and voilà! Two new bags!

There is a third, but it is a gift and the recipient might just see it so mums the word! I will publish once it has been received!

To finish off the bank holiday week, Paul & I took Wednesday off to attend a plant auction in Wisbech in order to populate the area around the pond. The idea is the area to the right will be a beach area (with plenty of drainage) and planted with grasses and alpines. A fine idea, except we seem to be undergoing a monsoon, and despite digging in what feels like tons of grit, my alpines are drowning!

 Well what to do? Hopefully they will survive! The rest are sheltering in the greenhouse until the rain stops and I can get out and do some more manual labour! Here's hoping the sun comes out soon.

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  1. A great spotty bag that! And I suspect you need more of a mound come rockery effect for your alpines....but hope they survive the deluge anyway :)


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