Saturday, 14 January 2012

News flash - Cold stops play!

Well that is my excuse anyway. I came down with a stinking cold on Boxing Day and it is still lingering as a rather attractive rattling death cough! So all my plans of being busy and proactive in the New Year have been put on hold until this week! At last I took the studio out of moth balls and got to work on Monday.

My first task was to make a Valentines themed cushion that I am teaching as a "learn to sew" class on Saturday 11th of January.

I am pleased with the result - though Paul pointed out the buttons would make it uncomfortable to sleep on - I guess he is missing the point!! I think it is delightfully cheerful and look forward to teaching it!

I have also been teaching my beaded buttons this week, with the Crafty Mugwump taking part,  and the ladies did a brilliant job! This is the result at the end of the day.

 Linda has sent a picture of her finished button and now plans to make a seaside themed wall hanging to display it on! I am hoping she will send me a picture of that too!
Pam has shared a finished piece picture as well. As usual, her colour choices are stunning!

The ladies had a brilliant day and left with bags full of button blanks - so I hope to see lots more soon! They are on strict instructions to send me pictures because I am just too darn nosey lol!

So as the cold fades into the distance I am looking forward to a colourful and creative 2012. I hope you are too! x

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  1. The pillow would make a great Valentine's gift, Sarah! I know it's really hard to get motivated to create when you're sick (I had 2 colds over the holidays) but I'd say you're off to a good start here!


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