Saturday, 3 September 2011

Well today I learned something new...

It is always fabulous to learning some new, and for me it was zips! Zips scare me - or at least the idea of sewing in a zip scares me (a real fear of zips could lead to difficulties in the trouser-doing-up-department and no one wants that!). So today was brilliant for me! That is what is so great about about having your own shop - you can arrange for courses that you really want to go on!

So today was "Playing with Zips" with the lovely Kathleen Dague. I learnt how to deal with a centred zip, a concealed zip and a lapped zip! And I even know what to do with 2 more of those strange feet that came with my sewing machine - result! Kathleen provided us with practice zips and calico, as well as detailed written instructions so I am 'pretty' sure I will be able to recreate it on my own.

So we had a go with those three zips, and then used two fat quarters to make up an adorable costmetic bag using a centred zip. Here is mine...

I fell in love with the little blue butterflies, and then couldn't resist the splash of lime green. The pocket lining and inside the bag are also lime green. My mascara will be spoilt! Beware, all my friends may get one of these for Christmas!!!

The ladies on the course had a great time, and the Dundee cake went down a storm!

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