Entering the Festival of Quilts

I was thinking that I might enter "My log cabin has a swimming pool" into the Festival of Quilts. I haven't entered anything before, and I am not sure which of the following two categories this quilt should fall in!
 The pattern is traditional (log cabin) but it is wonky... and uses what I would consider to be contemporary fabrics... so errrr..... So contemporary?

These are the two categories:

1) Contemporary Quilts
For quilts made from ideas derived from the traditions of quilt-making, but given a new approach. Use of original designs and contemporary fabrics, using any technique or combination of techniques, to include quilting (hand, machine or combination).
2) Traditional Quilts
For quilts using a traditional design or pattern. Quilts may be wholecloth, pieced and quilted, appliqué and quilted, or a combination of piecing, appliqué and quilting. Quilting may be hand, machine or a combination.

Any suggestions welcome!


  1. I was hoping somebody would have commented already as I am a relative newcomer to quilting and quilt shows too. I think because of the 'wonky' I would enter the Contemporary group and because of the contemporary fabrics too. I don't know how strict the judges are about the interpretation of 'traditional'. Anyway, it's fun to enter and see your quilt hanging up there and I would love to see your quilt hanging up there. I entered for the first time last year and the judges were gentle with me ;-) It was fun too to see people looking at my quilt amongst all those others.

  2. I would enter it in the contemporary section. A lovely quilt, I will enjoy seeing it at the NEC!

  3. I would say contemporary and goodness you should enter more of works HOW AWESOME!!!


Feel free to let me know what you think!