so much to do... and Maisy making trouble!

Well it has been three weeks since my last post and that is because I have been busy busy busy! I have two pieces of statistics coursework due on Sunday for my MSc and I am away for the weekend at the Knitting and Stitching show in Harrogate for the weekend. So I have been working like madeto get them done and handed in before I leave. One is done and the other one is .. well... started! I never was very good at stats!

So there has not been much in the way of creativity going on lately - even with Christmas looming! However, I got a magazine recently with fabric bug brooches in and I decided to have a play with the idea using needle felting. So when I wasn't reading about p-values or undertaking Chi-tests (don't ask) I had a little go.

And here is my first attempt.

He has a needle sculpted body which is hand stitched with tiny sequins so he sparkles like a real beetle, and dyed pipe cleaner legs.

I have stitched felt on the bottom to make sure the legs dont come adrift!
The pipe cleaner legs give him an authentic looking insect bounce, which confused someone!

Maisy is not quite sure what to make of it!!
But she still tries to see if she can eat it!

The beetle looks fabulous on a jacket and I think I may make a few more for unusual Xmas gifts (once the essays are out of the way!). It could make a nice class for needle felting beginners!


Feel free to let me know what you think!