Tuesday, 14 September 2010

It wasn't me...

I have just heard a crash, band and a wallop from the bathroom so I went running to find out what damage had befallen whoever was creating such a din... and there in the hallway I found the culprit!

Guess who had discovered the toilet roll!!!

Doesn't she look innocent!!!


  1. And she doesn't look a bit like the Andrex puppy ;o)

  2. lol - and how could you get mad at a face like that?

  3. Well you can't get cross with a face like that can you!

  4. Oh she is a darling ,hope you have some more toilet tissue hee hee ...love Jan xx

  5. oh she is gorgeous how could you every get cross with a face like that! anyway you should know anything and everything in the house is fairplay!!


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