Another completed project!

Well I really am on fire so far this year!!! Yet another project done and dusted. This one is the pink girly quilt for the 3rd birthday of my niece Kiah.

The photo that I took whilst basting it was a bit yellow, but this one is truer to the real colours. I am very pleased with it and I think Kiah will love it.

Because I want her to use this quilt a lot - to wrap herself up in and to sit on as well as to have on her bed, I chose a fleece for the backing. And what a fleece!!! The colours and the design are perfect for my brother's little princess!

I chose to quilt simple straight lines in the end, because I want the result to be soft and pliable so I have gone 1/4 inch either side of the border pieced seams. You can see it better on the following picture.

I went with this lovely pink thread on the front and back and steered clear of the variegated threads I usually prefer. The reason for this was that I had been warned that fleece backings - especially ones as stretchy as this one - can cause your tension to go kooky and I didn't want the back thread showing through as spots. As it turned out, the fleece wasn't too difficult to handle but I am glad that I took that route anyway.

The only thing left is to make a label - and then it is done. and ready to go to it's new home in April. I just have to think of something appropriate to say because I hope Kiah will look back on this gift in years to come.

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  1. I'm sure Kiah will love it, especially the princesses, I know my 5 year old niece would. The rayon (is it?) thread looks just right as do the straight line quilt lines. Well done :o)


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