I love buttons

I have been away from home with work recently, so I have spent a few lonely nights in hotels. However, this gives me a nice opportunity to take a little 'make' with me to keep my hands busy. My choice this week has been two uncovered buttons (38mm wide) with a suitable scrap of fabric, a couple of small charms and some beads from my bead soup: and this is the result!

Butterfly Fantasy
Butterfly Dreams

and another pic of butterfly Dreams for scale!
So these are the first attempts at beading buttons, and I am pleased with them. All I need now is a fabulous outfit to attach them to!
The problem that I foresee with these buttons is that I will not be able to stop at 2! I am already sorting out some turquoise and orange beads for buttons that really ZING!!


  1. Your buttons are fantastic, how abiut a black and white colourway? I'm looking forward to seeing your next batch :-)

  2. Hi , your work is beautiful !!!
    hugz, W.


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