Curved Binding for your project

Curves are a fabulous finish to add interest to a quilt, and it is also a useful way to finish off stitched items like oven gloves. However, straight strips of binding will not play nicely when you want them to go around your curves. So this is where we take advantage of of the bias stretch of fabric. 

Home made bias binding

Straight cut binding is very rigid and not suitable for binding curves, so we need to cut fabric on the bias (or on the diagonal).

Fold the top right corner down to meet the bottom raw edge of the fabric. Use your ruler to check this is forming a 45-degree angle. 


Cut along that line and then continue cutting your pieces at that angle. Sew together into a single strip.

Attaching your Binding

Clips can be helpful here, but pins will do. Using your clips, fasten your binding strip in place around the edge of the quilt, aligning the raw edges. You will find it easier to join the ends on a straighter part of the quilt edge, so keep this in mind when choosing where to start.

Ease the binding around the curved parts of your raw quilt edge – because it is stretchy it will do as you tell it so keep under a slight bit of tension but do not pull it.

Go to your sewing machine and stitch with a ¼ inch seam allowance – your walking foot will definitely help here.

Press and fold the binding onto the back. Finish by machine or by hand. 

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