Adding Prairies Points to your Binding


This finishing method was inspired by a trip to Nepal where the quilts there are often finished with prairie points. This method gives the same effect as those traditional quilts but is done by machine. `

Prepare your points. Cut a square of fabric and fold in half on the diagonal and then in half again to form a triangle and press. The larger the starting square, the larger the resulting point. 


Working along one side of your completed quilt at a time, align the raw edge of the quilt with the raw edge of the prairie points. Adjust the points into position to create even spacing and pin into place.  You can tuck them inside each other to get a nice finish.

Baste the edges in place.This makes it much easier when adding your binding.

Apply the binding as usual, making sure all the prairie points are held in place.


Larger prairie points may need a stitch in the top of the point to stop it flopping forward. This can be done with a simple hand stitch. You can place the prairie points all the way around your design or just in the corners. You can vary the size of the prairie points too! It really is up to you!


Now you have learned an alternative method to finish your quilt! 

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