Launching the Subscription for Sarah Payne's Quilt Hamper

Welcome to Sarah Payne’s Quilt Hamper. This is hamper is a bundle put together by me for you to have fun with!

It is aimed at all levels – but is always doable by beginners because not only do you get full and detailed instructions for your projects, you also get exclusive access to a private Facebook group called Sarah Payne’s Quilt Hamper. In this group I give exclusive Live Tutorials as well as video content that will help you get to grips with the projects. There is also oodles of support from other members. But you need to have purchased the hamper to join, so make sure you fill in your Facebook name when you order so I can add you to the group.

So what’s in your hamper – well that is part of the fun because you won’t really know until you open it. Furthermore, we ask to hold off opening it until the first Facebook Go Live of the quarter when we all open it together! That’s why every hamper includes a tea bag and a biscuit – so we can all have a cuppa together across the airwaves!

You will get 3 clues – and the rest is top secret. If you don’t like the fabric in the hamper, you can always substitute it for something else, or enjoy the process and gift the finished result. Many of our Hamperees have done this, and some have even made the quilt multiple times once they find out how easy they are. Just jump in and join us in our friendly group as we stitch away together and share our progress!
So what are the clues....?

But to give you a bit more – this is what you can expect!
  1. A full quilt/project kit – including fat 1/4s, backing, wadding and binding
  2. Full colour instructions (in electronic format)
  3. A secondary pattern to make something fun from the scraps left over from the quilt.
  4. A tool / ruler
  5. A gift
  6. Tea and biscuit 
Plus - support and friendship in the dedicated Facebook Group with video content and Live sessions to take you through the whole process.

So what was in previous kits?

For the Summer 2019 hamper – the clues were Bright, Tropical and Hexagon.
  • A full quilt kit – including fat 1/4s, backing, wadding and binding
  • Full colour instructions
  • Designing and making a small bag – purse handle included.
  • A Simplicity Hexagon acrylic
  • A Pair of Embroidery Scissors
  • Raspberry Tea and a Stoompwaffle
    Summer 2019
For the Winter 2019 hamper – the clues were Blue, Christmas and Dresden.
  • A full quilt kit – including fat 1/4s, backing, wadding and binding
  • Full colour instructions
  • Making a tea bag holder including denim and HeatNBond.
  • A Simplicity Dresden Plate acrylic
  • A Simplicity sewing themed fridge magnet and a butterfly Christmas decoration
  • Hot chocolate and a Flump
Winter 2019
So when can you get your hands on one of these hampers. Well they are available quarterly, so they will be dispatched in March, June, Sept and the Winter one will be sent out early December to give you time to get busy.
The new hampers will be available to order via my website in January, April, July and October each year.
So how much is one of these fabulous hampers – well they are £60 or £20 per month. If you subscribe for the whole year you don’t pay in December and so they work out at £55 each. This includes UK 2nd class tracked postage – but if you went it sent elsewhere, please email me and I can calculate the extra postage. We currently have Hamperees in Houston, Texas and the Netherlands!

So if you fancy joining in the fun and learning something new then head over to my website here and choose your payment option. Remember to choose one option only - 
  1.  Pay in full – reserve your Quilt Hamper with a single payment of £60.
  2. Subscribe for one quarter – please note that this option will only be available for the first month of each hamper launch. £20 per  month (£60 per hamper). You can subscribe for a quarter, then miss a quarter and then subscribe to another quarter later in the year if you like, giving you flexibility.
  3. Subscribe for four quarters (one year) – please note that this option will only be available for the first month of the year - i.e. January. £20 per month over 11 months = £55 per hamper including UK mainland postage. This is the most cost effective option and ensures that you never miss a hamper. 
Remember that whatever option you chose, your Spring hamper will be dispatched around the 23rd March 2020 (exact date TBC). And then the fun begins.....

....but dont take my word for it....

Here are some reviews from current Hamperees:
Linda I'm a beginner in the quilting world, I purchased my first experience with the Christmas hamper, I have really enjoyed the experience and found Sarah's instructions and videos easy to follow. Measure twice(or ten times) cut once. I still haven't finished but that has been down to parenting and work commitments. Looking forward to finishing over the next few days while I'm still on Christmas holidays. Looking forward to Spring hamper. Thank you Sarah Payne.
Annette I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Sarah and her amazing quilt hamper. I learned so much. The step by step Y seam explanations were perfect for my beginners understanding and the sense of achievement from my finished quilt gave me the confidence to continue my quilting adventure. Thank you Sarah x
Sandy I've only bought one kit I'm not a beginner, but I still learnt a lot from doing the quilt, I'm making mine into a quilt for my bed, Sarah makes it easy for beginners and adds bits extra for those who are not beginner's, I find her instructions easy to follow and have the back up of the go live once you have purchased the quilt which you can refer to as many times as you like, it's almost like having your own personal teacher, then you have everyone in the group that you can call on for a hand also, I have found everyone to be friendly and helpful
Cindy I love this group we are one big friendly family I’ve never made a quilt so I’m a beginner still doing my quilts have a few personal things happening just got to get started again the little gifts we get as well as the quilts are brilliant made a purse from the summer one for one of my granddaughters her sisters asked for one so I will definitely be ordering the spring one love all the help and encouragement everyone one gives so thank you Sarah your a star xx
Pam I started with my all nighter quilt with Sarah so enjoyed my first hamper. It wasn’t easy as a beginner but really enjoyed it. I got my Christmas one but have not done it yet as not been well but looking forward to starting it in the new year and then will get the next ones to have something to look forward to all next year.
Lynn I had done 1 quilt it was EPP and I am nearly finished my problem being disabled I do it when I can depending on my pain but with the help from Sarah’s and the support from everyone in the group when I have daft questions there is always someone who can help ł just wish I could do more sewing. It is a fabulous group to belong to. Thank you Sarah xxx
Helen Only started quilting last December, it was my escape from the world. Sarah started the hamper and I just needed to join, so glad I did we all open them together and Sarah tells us what we are going to be doing. The whole group helps each other all you have to do is ask. Sarah is always with us as she does a Facebook live with us, showing us how to do things that a lot of questions had been asked about. This group is like a family no matter what the question, someone somewhere will see it and answer. If you already quilt or are just starting join this group you will love it 😀 xxx

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