I wanted to share the inspiration behind my latest creation - a small art quilt called "After Hundertwasser". I will blog about the quilt later - first I want to share my muse.

I first experienced the art of Hundertwasser on a visit to Vienna 3 years ago when I visited the bewitching Hundertwasserhaus designed by Hundertwasser. It is an impossible building that seems to grow organically out of the ground.
It features undulating floors, a roof covered with earth and grass, and large trees growing from inside the rooms, with limbs extending from windows.

It is such a strange sight amongst the rest of the very conservative buildings of District 3 of the city. The inside is just as bizarre as the outside with colours everywhere beating you into optical submission!

Everywhere you look inside the building, and outside it, there is something extraordinary waiting to been seen! Even the entrance to the toilet makes your draw drop in wonder!!

Within this amazing space is displayed many items of his work, which left a lasting impression on me. I came away from the gift shop with a ton of postcards to use as inspiration!!!

Hundertwasser's style was often compared to that of Gustav Klimt. He was fascinated with spirals, called straight lines "the devil's tools" and was definitely not afraid to mix his colour palette! As a result his work speaks to many who, like me, want to experience colour and form in a new and more organic way.

Here are some of my postcards:

Blobs Grow in Beloved Gardens - 1975

Grass for those who cry

 And one of my personal favourites - Pavilions and Bungalows

So there you have it - the inspiration behind a new piece of work that I shall blog about in a couple of days. I decided not to add it to this post because I want the creations of Hundertwasser to work its magic on you before I add my own ideas to the mix.

So watch this space for photos of the finished article and shots of my workbook pages as I developed my ideas. Having finished one item, Hundertwasser is already working away in my brain to direct me towards a couple more. So who knows what will come next!!!


  1. Can't wait to see what you make!

  2. I have a book of Hundertwasser's work on my bookshelf and always mean to get to know his work better so I shall look forward to seeing your next post.

  3. Wow and erm, gosh ,how wonderful ,dying to see your next entry Jan xx

  4. Wow that all looks spectacular, looking forward to seeing the quilt


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